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The competitiveness of Michael Jordan is well known. He used to make it tough for his teammates and not everyone appreciated that. As it turns out, his return from retirement for two more years with the Washington Wizards was no different.

In the latest episode of Slate’s Hang Up And Listen Podcast, journalist Mike Wise shared a previously unknown conversation with the late Wes Unseld that reveals how Jordan’s Wizards teammates felt about his locker room impact.

Journalist Mike Wise recapping his (until now) private conversation with Wizards GM Wes Unseld about Jordan poisoning the locker room:

“The most damning thing I remember hearing. And God rest his soul, I can give up his anonymity now: Wes Unseld told me this. He said, Michael has been great for many of us in this organization in ways that has raised the value of the franchise, has made us respectable in other ways. And yet, he’s poisoned the locker room.” And I go, “Well, how do you know that?” “How do I know that? I just went around and asked every player if they would chip in for a retirement gift for him, give him something nice. All of them turned their backs on me.” And I said, “Every player?” And he goes, “Unanimous.”