LeBron James Lakers Finals
Photo: Twitter/NBA

It’s fair to say the Lakers were the best team this season by a country mile. But next season may be a different story. Steph will be back healthy on the Warriors, the Clippers are still a contender and the Nets have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. There have been no further developments on James Harden going to the Nets but that could still be a possibility. And if Harden does get traded to the Nets then I’ll have them as my favourite but for now, let’s just talk about who teams will definitely have next season.

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe the Lakers have already strengthened their team for next season, with the addition of Montrezl Harrell, Dennis Schröder, and Marc Gasol. Anthony Davis has yet to resign but this is very, very likely and in the next few days I assume he’ll sign the supermax deal. This would keep the NBA’s best duo together, him and Lebron, and many people would have them as their favourite. But there is a dark horse that can contend next season.

The Milwaukee Bucks

For most of the season, these were the favourites to win the championship. They won the most games in the NBA and were in good stead to make it out of the East. In the first round, they faced the relatively weak Orlando Magic and dispatched them comfortably with a 4-1 victory. In the second round, they faced the Miami Heat. Now the Miami Heat only finished 5th in the East but also won their first-round game easily, beating the Indiana Pacers 4-0. The Bucks were still the favourite by a long way in this series, but as we know, the Heat pulled off an unbelievable victory, defeating the Bucks in only 5 games.

I think the Bucks are still contenders this season though. They have lost Eric Bledsoe but acquired Jrue Holiday in the process, who is far better in my opinion. He’s one of the best defensive guards in the league and will average 20 points a night this season. He’s a great facilitator as well, always looking to get his teammates open and he averages a cool 6.4 assists a game for his career. The Bucks still have Khris Middleton as well so their team has improved slightly, by my judgment. Their biggest obstacle though will be the Brooklyn Nets. Two of the most proficient scorers in the league on one team is a deadly combination. I predict these two will face off in the Eastern Conference Final and the Bucks will get the better of them.