Kevin Love Colin Sexton
Photo: Jason Miller/Getty Images

NBA Champion and five-time All-Star Kevin Love says he still thinks about committing suicide. On this weekend’s episode of In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Love talks about the low point he reached in 2012 where he began researching ways to take his own life, his ongoing battle with mental health, and how, through The Kevin Love Fund, he is working to help others.

An injury in 2012 sent Kevin Love into a downward spiral, suffering from depression and anxiety to such a degree that he would not leave his room. He started to research ways to take his life.

KEVIN LOVE: “I had a number of ways…the good thing that happens is when you do search that it comes up with the national suicide prevention line. There was a couple ways that I toyed with, but it was just scary to get down that route and think about the idea of, you know, taking my own life.”

Love said it was a thought that frequently crossed his mind. And although he has made great strides in his mental health, he still sometimes has those thoughts.

GRAHAM BENSINGER: “Does it ever get to a point anymore where you still have suicidal thoughts?”

KEVIN LOVE: “If whoever’s gonna watch this who has had those thoughts before, I think it does cross your mind and I’ve just learned to speak my truth, honestly.

“I’ve learned that, you know, nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say. So me keeping that in is actually more harmful.”

Even with therapy, Love says there are still some days that are “super brutal.” 

KEVIN LOVE: …I’ve obviously had days that I really do struggle, I suffer a lot from imposter theory as well. Like I sometimes don’t feel deserving. I don’t feel like I’m worthy of what I’ve accomplished, or the success I’ve had, and a lot of times I feel like a fraud, because I don’t feel like I’ve achieved enough.