Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook
Photo: Getty Images

NBA Champion and five-time All-Star Kevin Love says he still thinks about committing suicide. On this weekend’s episode of In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Love talks about the low point he reached in 2012 where he began researching ways to take his own life, his ongoing battle with mental health, and how, through The Kevin Love Fund, he is working to help others. Plus:

  • Love discusses the sacrifices he made playing with LeBron James,
  • Why Cleveland hasn’t traded him,
  • The greed he encountered in college recruitment,
  • And how therapy helped him accept himself.

When Love was recruited to UCLA, he says he encountered some “wild” things during the process.

KEVIN LOVE: …Bags of cash, or, you know, a wardrobe full of clothes, or there’s just so many things that, you know, are scary and wrong… you’re just trying to get to your goal. You put the kid in a really tough place. I think it’s a learning experience, but, you know you take the player, you take that individual away, there’s a lot of greed on every side. I really believe that.