Shaquille O'Neal
Photo: John Amis/AP/Shutterstock

Shaquille O’Neal might be the largest man basketball has ever seen. So that only means one thing, the man can eat like no other. Check out what it takes to fill up the 7’1, 325 pound Hall-of-Famer.

Back in 2017, Tracy Humphrey, who works at 11Alive, visited Shaq and his girlfriend (at the time), and found out what he consumes everyday for breakfast! His girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s sister, regulate the amount of food he consumes each day, and told Tracy Humphrey that she makes sure that “he eats healthy.” For starters, Shaq enjoys 2 to 3 pancakes per day. But, these aren’t just your regular pancakes. These are pancakes filled with sprouted whole wheat flour, cinnamon, coconut sugar, nutmeg, almond milk, and bananas. They are giant, thick pancakes. Next up, Shaq downs an egg-white omelet with organic grass-fed chicken sausage, kale, bell pepper, 6 egg-whites, and various seasonings.

It wasn’t revealed what exactly the big fella eats for his next two meals, but studies show that Shaq’s body requires 3,400 calories minimum each day due to his size. This is insane, due to the fact that the average human requires roughly 2,000 calories per day.

Check out the interview below: