J.B. Bickerstaff opens up about the status of Andre Drummond with the Cavs

JB Bickerstaff Cavs
Photo: Joe Murphy/Getty Images

J.B. Bickerstaff opened up about Andre Drummond and whether he will remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers next season.

The head coach of the Cavs said the team is planning for the future with him.

“I have not asked him, ‘Hey man, are you opting in or opting out?’ But the conversations we’ve had have been positive. Indirectly those conversations have been about the future, what next year is going to look like, how he wants to be part of the team and how we can use him effectively and all those things.

He’s going to make his choice known whenever he’s going to make his choice known. I know he’s made public comments. We’ve had no conversations about him not being here and we’ve been planning for the future with him.

Again, I have not started to plan without him. I will leave it at that. If we need to make an adjustment we can. But we will have plenty of time do that.

With him, his versatility and his skill set, there’s more there. I know it was a limited amount of time that he played with us last year but there’s more there and we have huge expectations for him,” Bickerstaff told Chris Fedor of cleveland.com.

Drummond has a player option for the 2020/21 season.