Photo: Bleacher Report/Twitter

The Los Angeles Lakers have already started thinking of the future of the franchise if Anthony Davis decides to sign with the team in the long-term.

General manager Rob Pelinka joined ESPN’s NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski’s podcast where he revealed his thoughts on the Lakers’ future.

(via Sportskeeda):

We hope we can have another championship run, build pieces around LeBron and AD. But for the future, if you study our cap, we have the flexibility. The objective is to add another really talented young player to pair him up with AD if he chooses to sign with us for the long term.”

The NBA champions have work to do in the offseason, as several players will enter free agency, while Kyle Kuzma will be a restricted free agent in the next offseason.

Also, Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard and several other players may choose to test the free agency waters this offseason to take advantage of their impressive performance in the NBA “bubble”.

Pelinka decided to pull the trigger on a trade with the Pelicans that brought Anthony Davis to LA last summer. That move put the Lakers in a position to compete for a championship.

However, the former agent and general manager of the LA Lakers is searching for more talent to give his team the chance to compete in the long term.

You can listen the full conversation between Adrian Wojnarowski and Rob Pelinka here: