DeMar DeRozan on the Raptors winning the title: ‘Was I the problem?’

DeMar DeRozan Spurs
Photo: Twitter/San Antonio Spurs

DeMar DeRozan opened up about watching the Toronto Raptors earn their first-ever NBA championship in 2019.

DeRozan was happy that his best friend Kyle Lowry won the title, but admitted it was tough to see the Raptors climb to the top without him on the roster.

Toronto traded DeRozan to the San Antonio Spurs and signed Kawhi Leonard, who led the team to the championship.

“It definitely was tough. I was there nine years, went through everything. Accomplished so much things that people said we’ll never be able to do. I think for me, that’s what drove me my whole career, all the naysayers.

My whole time there of us trying to build a winning program. For me to turn into an All-Star starter, see the All-Star game come to Toronto for the first time, make the playoffs, win every type of awards you can think of and kind of trending in the right direction.

And for the one person (LeBron James) that we only lost to to leave and us not to have a chance to be able to see what that would have turned into, for me personally, then me leave and then see those guys win…it was definitely tough.

I wouldn’t even lie. Especially once we lost in the playoffs and you sit back and see them winning, you kinda feel like, ‘Damn was I the problem?’” DeRozan told JJ Redick during the latest episode of “The Old Man and The Three” podcast.