There is no official date yet, but NBA commissioner Adam Silver has set a goal for the start of the next regular season.

If, at the time of resuming the current season in the Orlando bubble, there was talk of early December for the beginning of the next one, Silver has moved the possible date forward by a month. “The best hypothesis is not to leave before January – he said in an interview with CNN – The more I collect information, the more I am convinced of this idea. The goal is to play a regular season with 82 games, in the teams’ arenas and in front of the fans.”

And to be able to start with a “normal” season, Silver thinks it takes a little longer than initially assumed. Already in August 2020, the commissioner explained: “Our priority is to get the fans back to the arenas, and if by pushing the season a little further we have more chances to do so, that will be the goal.”

If this is the case for the first time since the 1999 lockout, there will be no NBA games on Christmas Day.