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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
It seems that Donatas Motiejunas’ towards James Harden and Dwight Howard were lost in translation by the Lithuanian media. Houston Rockets are once again one big happy family.


Houston Rockets forward Donatas Motiejunas’ words were taken out of context as he cleared up one or two things regarding the Dwight Howard and James Harden situation.

Via Houston Chronicle:

The confusion, Motiejunas said, came when taking comedy seriously. He said his comments that James Harden and Dwight Howard do not eat with teammates were clearly jokes in keeping with the sort of radio program in which he was interviewed, but that there were reported in Lithuanian media as if he was serious.

“The radio show, the guys that work there, make fun of everybody,” Motiejunas, who called from Lithuania said. “It’s a funny radio show. Everybody in Lithuania listens. They told me to try to be funny, try to make the jokes. They told me to be free. They asked some question. I joked about one thing. I joked about the other thing.

“They asked about the team. I tried to be funny. They asked how they (Harden and Howard) approach the team. I told them like, “Hey, they’re not with us. I stay alone.’ Then the journalists in Lithuania took the interview and took it serious and posted my interview. I didn’t talk with no journalists. It was just a fun radio show.”

Motiejunas said on the radio show “Basically I just say ‘Hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to them.

“They eat different food from me. They eat fast food.”

Motiejunas, however, said he actually does often dine with his teammates, including Howard and Harden.

“We never have problems,” Motiejunas said. “For example, last year Dwight invited me and other players to Thanksgiving dinner. James and Dwight bought us give us gifts for Christmas. We go to eat most of the all of the time. I talked with Dwight today. I talk to Dwight all the time. He said he understands. Me and Dwight, we communicate pretty good in the locker room. I never had a problem.

“We hang out all the time. I never got in a fight with anyone. I never got in a word fight with anyone. That’s not nice to take that radio speech like that. I spent like 30 minutes with them. We laughed for 25 minutes. You cannot take it as a serious interview. It doesn’t make any sense.” 


Former Denver Nuggets and Washington Wizards big man Al Harrington has reportedly signed a deal in China for CBA side Fujian Quanzhou Bank.

He will sign a one-year deal and the club hopes to make the announcement officially within the next 24 hours.


Washington Wizards’ John Wall is planning to use the USA experience, where he was recently released from camp, as motivation for next season.

Via CSNWashington.

Wall, who had treatment on his knee last month, stated he was pleased with his performance during the week. 

“It was cool. It wasn’t bad at all,” Wall said of his left knee. “I got through the whole week. I thought I played pretty well. Things didn’t go in my favor. But, we’ll (get) past it.”

[…] Wall didn’t use the relative lateness of the invitation as an excuse, especially since he’s shown plenty in the past.

“I’ve been (around) for four years in a row. I think that’s enough time,” Wall said. “Everybody had the same fair amount of time as far as being (in Las Vegas) and playing. I think [Team USA] already had kind of in their mind what they wanted to do and what decisions they were going (to make).” 

[…] “Not even (against) just those (Team USA point guards), but the NBA, period. I guess I’m overlooked again. I guess have to prove myself one more time.”