Photo: Los Angeles Clippers/Twitter

Former Los Angeles Clippers point guard John Wall expressed his enthusiasm for the prospect of teaming up with his former Wizards teammate Bradley Beal once again, this time with the Phoenix Suns.

In a recent interview, Wall affirmed his interest in joining forces with Beal and continuing their basketball journey together.

Speaking on the Run It Back show, Wall emphasized the strong bond between himself and Beal, highlighting their continued communication and camaraderie.

The prospect of reuniting on the court clearly appeals to Wall, who conveyed his eagerness to make a potential move to the Suns.

“For sure, yeah,” Wall said. “Me and Brad are still brothers, we still talk a lot…If I could join their team, for sure, I would love that.”

The Suns, in the wake of trading Chris Paul as part of the deal that brought Beal to the team, find themselves in search of a capable point guard.

Wall’s expressed interest in joining the Suns aligns with the team’s needs, creating an intriguing possibility for the Suns’ roster composition and dynamic moving forward.