Jaylen Brown Boston Celtics
Photo: Bleacher Report

Several NBA players have reacted to the Jacob Blake shooting. The Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown talked on the incident, claiming that nothing is justifying the fact that the police shot someone 7 times.

Brown spoke up on the situation and admitted that “boycotting is something you talk about with your team”.

(via NESN):

“It was hard enough even coming down here, to be honest,” Brown said. “But I guess (boycotting is) something you talk about with your team, for sure. We haven’t talked about that as the Celtics. But those emotions are real.

“That is real. Yes, we’re athletes. Yes, we’re being paid to play a sport that we love. But we are human beings, members of our community. We are fathers, uncles, nephews, brothers, etc. So all those emotions are real, and I don’t really have a lot to say.”

“I’m just happy by the grace of God that Jacob Blake is still alive, because the police who shot him, that wasn’t their intention. They shot him to kill him, and that’s a problem in this country,” Brown continued. “There’s a million different ways you could have dissolved that situation, and your thought was to kill him. That was the best method.”

“It’s definitely hard to digest or to process how you feel about it. Everything on me was on fire yesterday, waking up to it. To see people changing the framing of what he did in the past, in terms of, ‘Well, he was a convicted felon,’ or, ‘Well, he had a history of resisting arrest or possibly had a weapon.’

“That is not [an] unfamiliar framework in this country. We’ve seen that time and time again. That does not constitute or justify the fact that you are shooting someone seven times in the back or killing them, at all. Anybody who thinks differently is no friend of mine.”

Several players, including LeBron James, George Hill and Donovan Mitchell, reacted to the recent shooting of JaCob Blake in Wisconsin. The police shot Blake seven times in the back, according to CNN.