CSKA Moscow captain Kyle Hines on the COVID-19 situation: “We were living everyday in uncertainty”

Kyle Hines
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Kyle Hines spoke on the situation in Russia and generally in Europe, while he and his family were trying to get to USA. In particular, CSKA’s forward/center talked to nj.com about the struggle to return home to New Jersey from Moscow and the effect of the situation in his life.

“We were very uncertain. We didn’t know if we should stay or come back to America. Every day, we went back and forth,” Hines noted. “Generally, up until last week, things were running in the city. You could see some people social distancing but for the most part things were normal. My daughter’s day care was still open. Life was fairly normal.”

Hines and his family returned to USA because of the desicion to stop travel and transportations from and to Europe due to the coronavirus outbreak. As he noted, the New Jersey native has found it difficult to adjust in a life without basketball, being one of the best players in the European stage.

“I’m so used to the routine. Basketball is one of the top priorities in my life. When that’s taken away unexpectedly, you’re left at a standstill; you’re unsure what to do and how to react. All athletes, people in general, are wondering what is next. No one knows what may transpire.”