LaMelo Ball
Photo: Rick Rycroft/Associated Press

The NBA Draft for 2020 is going to have a strange feel to it this year. The draft will not have all the pomp it usually has, but it also is coming later in the year than normal. With that being the case, it also comes to the NBA with a preempted college schedule that completely missed most of the madness that usually comes in March. Now, with all those changes in mind, the NBA draft still is coming out with some great prospects that could make the difference in a teams chances of having a winning season or a season that is a losing one. With that in mind it is important to know what the NBA expert picks are for the top 5 prospects.

James Wiseman is one of the top prospects and with his size it is easy to see why. Wiseman is coming into the league from Memphis, but he also is coming out as one of the taller prospects and that could make him one of the tallest players in the NBA right off the bat at 7’1” and 235 pounds.

LaMelo Ball is coming in as a top prospect as well. The difference is he is not coming out of college to get drafted. Instead he played for the Illawarra Hawks in the National Basketball League. He is playing the point guard role and he is a great prospect who can see down the court to find the open may at 6’7”. The only thing that could impact his ability to play would be which team he would be drafted by, but a lot of teams need a good point guard.

Anthony Edwards is coming out of Georgia to be in the draft. He has quite a bit of talent and has the shooters touch. The touch will actually help him land a top spot in the draft as well as he has done really well in shooting. Not to mention at 6’5” he can elevate over a lot of defenders to get the shot cleared.

Dayton may have had a star in the making that could have taken them to the top if the coronavirus had not hit. However, Obi Toppin is heading to the NBA and is one of the top prospects at the power forward position. He carried the Flyers offense and played great defensively in getting the ball contained. Toppin can also have a good inside presence as well at 6’9” and 220 pounds and can box out larger players evenly.

Deni Avdija is another player that is coming out as a professional player for a different country. However, at the small forward position he is second to none and easily one of the best players coming in at the small forward position. He is coming in as the same size as Toppin as well which could lead to him being a good transition player.

The NBA Draft is definitely going to be different this season. However, knowing who the top prospects are make it easier for you to get the right jump on the players that are heading to the pros and knowing where they could be heading to. With that being said, it also makes it easier for the NBA expert picks to make sense and understand why they are making the picks they are.