Blazers star Carmelo Anthony reveals he is ‘at peace’ now

Carmelo Anthony
Photo: Getty Image/Cameron Browne

Carmelo Anthony has been playing at very high standards for the Portland Trail Blazers and told Rachel Nichols of ESPN he is ‘at peace now’.

Anthony said it took him a while to get over what happened during his time with the Houston Rockets, but admitted he is in a great shape now, both mentally and physically.

“I’m at peace now. I’ll be honest – after the Houston thing, it took me a while to bounce back mentally, emotionally, to get back on my own square. But If you watch me play now, it’s a different vibe, different energy. I really take it one day a time,” Anthony told Nichols.

Anthony posted 26 points (10/17 shooting) and helped the Blazers survive the Dallas Mavericks (131-134), as Portland moved to the eighth place in the West (34-39).