Raja Bell calls Damian Lillard ‘the closest thing’ to Kobe Bryant in the NBA today

Damian Lillard
Photo: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Raja Bell believes Damian Lillard is ‘the closest thing’ to Kobe Bryant in the NBA today.

The former NBA player noted that Lillard ‘has that killer mentality’, just like the late Bryant had.

“I feel like Dame is the closest thing to Kobe that there is in the game. I don’t mean that from the standpoint of the way they look doing it, I’m talking about mentality, where it is always in assassin mode type of thing with them.

They’re always kind of creating a chip. There is just always something to prove and you feel that when you watch them play, there is the respect that they feel like they have earned and they are not given and the greats have to do that, right?

That’s what keeps you on point and keeps you questing for the next thing. He is, for me, a problem. If I had to guard him, I don’t even know really where I would start. The range is what it is and he is shifty and he is sneaky athletic,” Bell said in the latest episode of The Ringer NBA Show, per Jonathan Warner of NBC Sports Northwest.