Nicolas Laprovittola Real Madrid
Photo: Real Madrid

Nicola Laprovittola was one of the players that Panathinaikos Athens really wanted to add to its roster. Even though the player seemed willing to move to Athens, he was under contract with Real Madrid. With Facundo Campazzo leaving for the NBA, Pablo Lasso had no other choice but to keep Laprovittola, even though the player wanted to join the “Greens”. “It did not depend on me,” Laprovittola said to

“It is always good that one is wanted, or that they have it as the first option, but it did not depend on me,” the player said about Panathinaikos’ interest in him. Laprovittola mentioned that Real let him evaluate his other options but they finally decided to keep him. “Yes, well, they let me look for other alternatives, but in the end they decided that I should stay. I had no power of decision, because Madrid was the one with my contract.”

Panathinaikos will now have to search for an alternative solution even though the club was positive that the deal with Laprovittola would have a “happy ending”.