Photo: AP Images

Shake Milton hit the game-winner against the San Antonio Spurs that gave the Philadelphia 76ers their first win in Orlando. This comes after a game against the Indiana Pacers in which Milton did not score at all. The Sixers hope to move up in the standings before the playoffs.

Shake Milton Game-Winner: Chemistry Builder

The game against Indiana was big and the loss hurt the team chemistry. The Sixers looked rusty in their first real game back and they looked frustrated as tempers flared on the bench between Milton and Joel Embiid. The game-winner by Milton has seemed to repair the turmoil for now.

Embiid talked about how happy he was for the team and Milton. According to USA Today, Embiid said:

“I was really happy,” said the big man. “It’s good to be in that situation and hit the game-winner. I’m extremely happy for him. He’s been working really hard this season. It’s showing off and that was a big shot he hit and it gave us the win. I’m extremely happy for him, but we can’t settle. We got to keep going and just keep getting better.”

Room to Improve

The Sixers will need Milton to make more plays for the team. With Simmons not playing point guard the offense has become stagnant. The Sixers will need more passing and three-point shooting from Milton. While Milton still has room to improve, head coach Brett Brown likes his confidence and the fact that he doesn’t give up.

“I thought that the action where the Spurs were collapsing on Joel, just because of that crowd, and the fact that you had somebody who could pass the ball in and make a shot proved to win us the game as a result of Shake’s confidence,” said Brown. “Normally, a lot of people aren’t going to fall in love with that shot, he did and he didn’t hesitate and given his performance in the first game, it’s a great way for him to help us get that win.”