Photo: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

It seems former teammates Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan are not getting on that well these days. According to Nick Friedell of ESPN, Pippen is ‘not happy’ with the way he was presented on ‘The Last Dance’. Even though, unlike Horace Grant, he has not made any public comments thus far, but is expected to do that at some point in the future.

ESPN’s David Kaplan said Pippen is ‘so angry’ and ‘beyond livid’ at Jordan for the way he was portrayed on ‘The Last Dance’.

Friedell also revealed on the Kap & Co podcast with David Kaplan that a lot of the former Bulls players were bothered by the fact that Jordan was the only one who got paid for docuseries even though he donated the money for charity.

Horace Grant, who won three championships with the Bulls through 1991-93 has spoken in support of Pippen, saying he has “never seen “a number 2 guy” as decorated as Scottie Pippen portrayed so badly in terms of the migraine, in terms of the 1.6 or 7 seconds, selfish.”