Lou Williams
Photo: Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers took to Twitter to respond to former NBA champion and current analyst Kendrick Perkins, who called him out for going to a strip club Magic City after leaving the bubble. Perkins criticized Williams, saying rookie Zion Williamson handled similar situation in a more mature way.

“15 years in this business and the most dirt you have on my name is stopping to get hot wings during a pandemic. Perk. Shut up. And stop laughing and saying it’s just tv when you run into me too,” the reigning Sixth Man of the Year tweeted in response to Perkins.

“But I digress. I went home to see a man off to his final resting place that was a giant in my life. I don’t want that to get lost in all this attention. So again, LONG LIVE THE GREAT PAUL WILLIAMS SR. back to my quarantine so I can join the guys soon. Peace,” he added.