Zion Williamson
Photo: ESPN.com

The New Orleans Pelicans expect rookie Zion Williamson to join the team in practice by this Wednesday, according to executive vice president of basketball operations David Griffin.

Williamson spent eight days out of the NBA’s Orlando bubble, due to a family emergency, but returned on Friday, after which he was placed on a four-day quarantine. Despite testing negative for COVID-19 every day while he was away, he was made to spend four days in isolation.

Zion Williamson
Photo via ftw.usatoday.com

The isolation period comes to an end on Tuesday evening, which means Zion Williamson should be able to join his teammates in practice by Wednesday, as well as play in the restart opener against the Utah Jazz on July 30.

“In theory, his quarantine would end Tuesday afternoon-ish,” Griffin said, per ESPN, on Monday. “The problem is he has to test and get the results before they release him.”

“The league does such a good job of being hyper-cautious when they bring players back to the bubble that I don’t really feel like that is where our jeopardy is,” he added. “I don’t think that is where we have any real kind of opportunity to sort of pop the bubble. I think the real issue is going to be as this goes along further and further, is there more and more pull to sort of break rank and just walk off campus? That is when you’re really going to see how well this is insulated.”