ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski has expressed regret over sending an email that cost him two weeks of work and says the network was right to suspend him as he left them no choice.

The NBA insider was temporarily relieved of media duties after replying “F**k you” in an email to U.S Senator Josh Hawley earlier this month. Wojnarowski returned to work on Friday and will reportedly be operating inside of the league’s bubble in Orlando.

Via Larry Brown Sports

Speaking to the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand in an interview, he said:

“I regretted sending that email. I have not made a habit of doing that, but I sent that one and I regret it.”

Woj says he tried reaching out to Hawley to apologize personally but his calls to the Senator’s Washington offices went unanswered. He claims to have left ESPN no choice in the wake of his actions.

“I understood the decision they made,” he noted. “I accept it. I left them no choice. You can’t do what I did and not expect there to be consequences.”

Hawley’s email was quite critical of ESPN’s coverage of the relationship between the NBA and China; Wojnarowski remained resolute on that front.

“I and we have reported about the NBA’s relationship with China,” he asserted. “We will continue to report on it when it is warranted. It has been an ongoing story.”