LeBron James
Photo: GETTY

LeBron James is focused on winning his fourth championship this season with a third different team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Together with Giannis Antetokounmpo, he is the favorite to win the NBA MVP award.

Sports analyst Colin Cowherd thinks that the gap between LeBron and second best players in the league is the same as the gap that Michael Jordan had during his prime. According to him, there is no player in the league that compares with the Lakers superstar.

“When you look at LeBron James now. Let me ask you. Who’s the second best player? Kevin Durant? Those injuries, we’re past that prime. He’s never had that physical or emotional resilience of LeBron James or Michael [Jordan],” Cowherd said.

“Steph Curry? Love him but he’s small and can’t defend. James Harden? One trick pony, average athletically. I think Giannis is good but can be marginalized. You want him taking a big perimeter jumper late? He’s not gonna distribute to other players. Kawhi Leonard? I love Kawhi. But can we be honest about Kawhi? He misses 30% of the games. What is the gap between LeBron and the second best player? Forget East and West. It’s the same gap Michael Jordan had.”

“LeBron is so good that he hasn’t had contemporary for the last eight years that compares. So, we compare him to a guy that hasn’t played in twenty years. That’s how good he is!”