Mario Chalmers
Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Mario Chalmers expressed his frustration about the lack of interest from NBA teams to sign him.

The two-time champion with the Miami Heat wants to return to the league, yet this does not seem so likely at the moment.

“I’ve definitely experienced that. And, yeah, it is frustrating – just because there’s the saying, ‘A team always wants a winner.’ I just feel like with my resume, I’m a proven winner. I’m not a bad guy in the locker room; I’m not a jerk.

So, I just feel like for me to not even get a chance and not even get a workout or nothing like that, it’s a little disheartening. But that’s the way the business goes… I’m definitely surprised how they’ve shifted away from [veterans]. Those guys are very important.

I just feel like if I was an NBA GM or somebody that’s running an NBA team, I would want a couple of vets on my team, just to make sure my young guys are following suit and not doing too much off the court. You want to make sure they’re still focused on basketball and that they understand the business aspect of everything,” Chalmers told Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype.