Pat Riley wants to join the Heat inside the Orlando “bubble”

Pat Riley Miami Heat 2

Pat Riley did not join the Miami Heat in Orlando on Wednesday. Despite that, according to Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel, Miami’s president wants to be with the team in Disney World.

According to Winderman:

“What I do know is that Riley wanted and wants to be with his team, and this was not a decision easily made,” Winderman wrote. “That also holds true for several others who did not travel in the NBA-limited traveling party. You can rest assured that any front-office decisions made by Adam Simon inside the NBA’s campus-like setting will come in consultation with Riley, Elisburg and the rest of the front office.” (via

Riley, 75, is considered vulnerable to the virus, age-wise. The NBA decided to shut down the season in March, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Since then, many players have tested positive with 7 teams closing down their facilities, before getting to Orlando, due to positive tests in their travel parties.

One of those 7 teams were the Miami Heat. The Heat are entering the season restart with the hope of getting “deep” in the playoffs, as they got the fourth-best record in the East.