Celtics’ Marcus Smart says younger players should take coronavirus more ‘seriously’

Photo: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart advised younger players to take the coronavirus ‘seriously’.

Smart, who tested positive for the virus back in March, said the asymptomatic cases are the real problem. He also explained that the virus affects people differently, so everyone should practice extreme precautions.

“Us older guys, and especially guys who have had COVID, like me, really express and really chewing down on the fact to take it as serious as possible.

I think the younger guys are going to have some skepticism but I think as veteran guys and other guys on the team, we’ll have to do our part to keep those guys, I guess, in a sense, under control and just understanding that although you might not take it as serious, you’re putting other people at risk and they take it seriously, so you have to respect them,” Smart said, per Darren Hartwell of NBC Sports.