Adam Silver says concerned wave of positives inside the “bubble” could shut down play

Adam Silver

With several teams confirming positive coronavirus cases, just before they get to the NBA “bubble”, NBA commissioner Adam Silver is worried that a wave of cases in Disney will shut down play again.


“I think we do have the ability to trace, of course to try to understand where that positive case came from,” Silver said of any positive cases inside the Walt Disney World campus. “We can actually analyze the virus itself and try to track whether there is more than one case, if it’s in essence the same virus and same genetic variation of the virus that is passed from one player to another or two people have gotten it on the campus independently. So those are all things that we are looking at.

“Certainly if we had any sort of significant spread within our campus, we would be shut down again.”

Teams are days away of departing for Orlando in order to set up camp in Disney World. Seven of them closed down their facilities the previous weeks due to positive COVID-19 tests on their training ground.

In any case, the NBA seems to be prepared to cancel the season restart, if players’ health is in danger.