Nets’ veteran Garrett Temple wants players to utilize the “bubble”by addressing racial injustice issues

Garrett Temple
Photo: Newsday

Garrett Temple is a seasoned NBA veteran and vice-president of the Players Association. The Brooklyn Nets’ guard opened up on the NBA “bubble” and how the players can use it to help the fight against racism and social injustice.

“So I think the way that we can utilize those two(basketball and address social issues), three months in Orlando to continue to push the narrative, to continue to have it on people’s minds, fresh on people’s minds, is something we can do in terms of keeping it on people’s minds,” Temple said on on a conference call with reporters on Sunday, per Kristian Winfield of New York Daily News, via the Sun Herald.

“Then obviously we can utilize the push to get things done from a league basis that we may want to have done in terms of donations and putting funds into certain things.”

Temple had a thought of sitting out for the cause, but he believes that he can better address the issue of racial inequality in the NBA huge audience.

Several NBA players believe that the season return will not slow the momentum of the “Black Lives Matter” protests, which are taking place all over the United States, after the killing of George Floyd in the hands of the Minneapolis police.