Stephen A. Smith
Photo by Mikey Reeves / ESPN Images

There have been talks about players getting homesick when the NBA season resumes in a bubble in Orlando. It was related to limited interaction with the outside world because even though the players will be allowed to leave the bubble, they will have to quarantine if they choose to do so. But, one obvious issue has not been publicly discussed yet.

Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith was the first to give a different angle on the bubble. He spoke about the players needing “recreational activities” to deal with sexual frustration. “Here’s the reason you got to be worried. I wanted to hold on for saying this y’all but I can’t anymore. Do we really think that the “recreational activities” what these guys are accustomed to are going to be compromised for three months?” Smith said.

“Somebody’s gotta say it! Somebody’s gotta say it! You really really think that people gonna be without their wives or their women? The guys that are married without their wives, the guys that ain’t married without their women,” he continued.

According to Smith, that was the reason why the players wanted the season to be resumed in Las Vegas rather than in Orlando. “Why you think they wanted Vegas? Can we stop? Can we stop? The issue right now is that you’re in Orlando for the first month you gotta be alone.”

“They’re going to violate the bubble, I’m telling you,” Smith concluded.