Nick Nurse says he feels safe at the Raptors’ training camp in Florida

Nick Nurse Kyle Lowry Toronto Raptors
Photo: Los Angeles Times

Nick Nurse opened up about the level of safety at the Toronto Raptors’ training camp in Florida.

The Raptors have already traveled to Florida for the resumption of the season and are currently holding the early stages of their Training Camp 2.0 at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers.

“I feel really safe here. We’ve got a great setup, and I feel good, man. I haven’t sensed any discontent or whatever about having to be here, or asking why.

In general, the guys are good, and I think most of them are concerned about their careers and getting back to wherever they were or getting them better. I think there’s a real level that I see…the care factor is high,” Nurse, the head coach of Toronto, told ESPN’s Tim Bontemps.