luis scola
Photo: Olimpia Milan

Luis Scola will no longer wear the colors of Armani Milan as the team announced. It seems that at the age of 40, Luis Scola is not ready to quit basketball yet. As he stated after the end of the cooperation with Olimpia Milan, he wants to play for another year and participate in the upcoming Olympic Games. Euroleague will lose a great athlete since Scola stated that he won’t be playing in Euroleague next season.

“After deep thoughts, I made the first decision regarding the next season. I have chosen not to play in the EuroLeague anymore, neither in Milan nor with another team. I want to thank Olimpia for giving me this opportunity, it was a fun year in which I experienced a good environment where I felt right at home. On the other hand, I have not decided whether to retire from basketball for good or keep playing in another competition. I’ll make a final decision during the next few weeks”.

Olimpia Milan and Giorgio Armani, on the other side, thanked Scola for being a professional honoring the sport of basketball.

“Luis Scola is a great champion and it was a great honor to have him on our Olimpia basketball team – Mr. Giorgio Armani said – In his long career, he has honored the sports and human values ​​in which we have always believed, and during the recent months he has shown how seriousness and dedication allow to reach unexpected goals. For this I thank him, wish him all the best and hope to see him on the court at the next Olympics.”