Jeff Van Gundy
Photo: CBS Sports

Jeff Van Gundy is still concerned about the restart of the NBA season in Orlando on July 31st.

The former NBA head coach is wondering how the league and the players themselves will react in case one player tests positive for the virus.

“Right now we’re somewhat underestimating the fear of [a player potentially contracting the virus]. For the players on the guy’s team, for the players who have played against that team or will play against that team or that will play against that team. I’m not sure we know — because I know I don’t know, if that fear is going to be more than I expect, less than I expect.

And what if, God forbid, it happens to one of our star players? It’s one thing if it happens to a 12th man, for competitive reasons, but also for the amount of fear it drives. What if it happens to one of the all-time guys in league?” Van Gundy told Stefan Bondy of the Daily News.