Michael Jordan
Photo: Slam Online

Former NBA champion Rip Hamilton remember a story about Michael Jordan from his Wizards days on All The Smoke podcast hosted by two fellow NBA champions Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. After retiring from basketball in 1998, Jordan returned to the NBA not as a player, but as part owner and president of basketball operations for the Wizards in January of 2000.

Despite not being a player for Washington, MJ use to come to practices and play. Hamilton and Laron Profit would often play Jordan and trash talk him. Until one day Profit stepped over the line after he got the better of the Bulls legend in one play.

“Me and Prof [Laron Profit] used to play with him [Jordan] all the time,” Hamilton remembered. “We used to talk trash to MJ all the time but there were certain things that I wouldn’t say. And Prof sometimes would say a little of extra stuff that I wouldn’t go there.”

“I remember when one time when we were playing in practice. And Prof might have hit a shot on MJ and he was like running down court “You can’t guard me with them old-ass knees.” And I’m like “Oh, stop, time out!” You don’t say that to the GOAT. MJ was heated.” Jordan was so mad that he traded Profit to the Orlando Magic.