Following the summer of 2002, Kobe Bryant reportedly paid $8 million dollars to get out of his sneaker contract with Adidas! The only thing was, Kobe could not sign with another brand due to his contract stipulations. This would open up the door for Kobe to show off his insane sneaker collection! Take a look at some of Kobe’s best shoes worn during his greatest sneaker season!

Nike Air Force 1 “Mid”

Photo: via USA Today Sports

Converse Weapon “Lakers”

Kobe Bryant wearing the 'Lakers' Converse Weapon
Photo: via Lakers Top Buzz

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

Kobe Bryant wearing the 'Concord' Air Jordan 11
Photo: via NikeTalk

Air Jordan 7 Away PE

Kobe Bryant wearing Air Jordan 7 Lakers 'Away' PE
Photo: via NikeTalk

Nike Air Flight Huarache PE “Home”

Photo: via NiceKicks

Here’s a thread from @hoopsdepartment on twitter going through Kobe’s best shoes worn during the 2002-03 season!