Chris Paul
Photo: Kathy Willens/Associated Press

Throwback to an incredible 61-point game performance from Chris Paul, who honored his late grandfather. Just a day before his game, Chris found out his grandfather had passed away. Through this tragedy, Chris showed an incredible amount of toughness and stepped foot on the court.

Little did he know, he would actually end up scoring 61, which was how old his grandfather was. Chris recalls this being the best moment of his life. He remembers being overwhelmed and knowing that this was something he would never forget. He got his 61 points off a layup which he also got fouled on.

Chris stepped up to the free-throw line, with his grandfather in mind, and shot an airball. He then exited the game, six points shy of the state record, but that never crossed his mind. Chris walked over to the bench and embraced his father in tears. What an incredible story.