Photo: NBA TV

Tracy McGrady expressed his frustration on Joel Embiid’s work ethic saying he would probably fight with him, if they were teammates.

Embiid, probably the best two-way center in today’s NBA, had raised enough concerns about his conditioning the last couple of seasons, after a tough start on his career prolonged by several injury concerns.

Tha’s what McGrady said on Embiid while speaking with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on their show “All The Smoke”.

“I love Embiid, but we might fight, bro,” the former Rockets’ superstar said, per Fansided.

“Nah, he, forreal he talented as hell, bro, but he don’t be playing like it,” McGrady continued. You know what I’m saying? That inconsistency ain’t gon’ do it, bro, you gotta bring it. That man got so much talent, bro. I think he’s got to get in better shape, too, man. I love that kid’s game, but he’s got to be more consistent and get in better shape.”

Here’s the full episode of the ‘All The Smoke” podcast: