Danny Green
Photo: Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Danny Green believes his current squad, the Los Angeles Lakers, has many similarities with the 2014 San Antonio Spurs.

Green says both the current Lakers team and the 2014 Spurs had tons of veterans and depth.

“I feel like this Lakers team is more similar to our Spurs team than the Toronto team. In Toronto, we had a lot more younger guys. San Antonio, we had a lot more vets, older guys, but we had a mix. Me and Kawhi were a little younger, but in our primes, and then we had some of the older guys.

For us, the similarities I see is that we have a lot of experience, and we have the depth — we definitely have the depth. And obviously the most healthy team always wins, and that’s usually a little part of the luck, but a team that’s clicking at the right time,” Green told his Lakers teammate Jared Dudley in an Instagram Live Q&A, as transcribed by Christian Rivas of SB Nation.