John Wall Washington Wizards
Photo: Brandon Wade/Associated Press

John Wall shared his thoughts on why the legendary Michael Jordan would average 45 points if he played in the NBA today.

The star of the Washington Wizards cited the absence of hand-checking and an affinity for isolation basketball as the reasons Jordan would average 45 points.

“Jordan’s averaging 45 and whatever else he want. You can’t touch nobody. You can’t hand-check. No hand-check, you playing (expletive) 6’6 guys at center. The league is totally different.

Like, I’m not knocking it, but if you can’t score right now and get a bucket one-on-one, you don’t belong in basketball. That’s what a lot of people pride themselves off of now, just go get a one-on-one bucket now,” Wall said in an interview with 247 Sports, via Riley Gates of 247 Sports.