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Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Miami Heat veteran big man Udonis Haslem says he wouldn’t have taken kindly to Michael Jordan calling him derogatory names as a teammate.

The Last Dance has certainly exposed MJ for the bully that he was and one of last Sunday’s episodes showed him getting on swingman Scott Burrell, calling him a “b***h” and a “ho” during a particular practice session.

Speaking with ESPN‘s Richard Jefferson in an Instagram Live session this week, Haslem said he wouldn’t have accepted such as a teammate and would have gone to blows with the basketball icon over it.

He said:

“Michael Jordan’s approach might not have necessarily been my approach on certain things. It was some name calling in there. I’m just saying if I’m one of them people Mike talking to like that I might put hands on Mike, that’s all I’m saying. I might put hands on Mike. And I love Mike to death. Mike the greatest of all time. But you can’t call me the b-word, and the h–, the h-word. Nah, alright Mike. We gonna have to square off.”