Facundo Campazzo has not received ‘concrete’ interest from NBA teams, says his agent

Facundo Campazzo Real Madrid Panathinaikos
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Facundo Campazzo has attracted the interest of NBA teams, yet there is nothing ‘concrete’ yet, according to his agent, Claudio Villanueva.

Villanueva said it is unlikely for NBA teams to make offers for Campazzo at this point, as they still don’t know how this season will end and when the offseason will start.

“That (interest) was born from a tweet that came out of Croatia that spoke of Campazzo in the NBA. I’m going to tell you something, just to be clear. In the past two years, during the season, NBA scouts have spoken to me a thousand times just to ask.

If you add to that the player continues to evolve… Campazzo, I said it three years ago, is the best guard in Europe, and being the best guard in Europe means being one of the three best players in Europe. If the NBA does not keep an eye on one of the best, it would be crazy.

There is nothing concrete, there is nothing spoken, and also today the NBA does not know how they will end and if they will end the season, how the next season will play out or start. They don’t know the salary cap. So if you tell me, did they ask you about Campazzo? I tell you yes, a thousand times. But today there is nothing concrete,” Villanueva said in an interview with basquetplus.com.

Campazzo is under contract with Real Madrid for another four years.