Ben Simmons
Photo: Bill Streicher/USA Today

Sixers general manager Elton Brand talked on several subjects around the Philadelphia 76ers on a conference call including Ben Simmons’ shooting.

Simmons said in a recent interview he “would rather be one of those guys shooting 40%”. On the other hand, Elton Brand would prefer Simmons to shoot a few per game.

“Ben is a two-time All-Star, dynamic player on both ends,” Brand said via NBCS Philadelphia. “We’re going to encourage him to shoot and I think once he unlocks that part of his game, it’s just going to open it up for his growth, become even more unstoppable and help our team. Where he is as a player, he is very dominant, very hyper-focused on both ends to help us win. And he wants to make the right play, and at times he feels like that might not be the right play. But he’s going to grow into that. I’m more on Brett [Brown’s] side with that. If he just shoots a few, it goes away, in my opinion.”

The Australian is a two-time All-Star in his fourth season in the NBA being efficient by scoring in the paint. Simmons made just two three-pointers in his first 214 NBA games.