Photo: AP/Marcio Jose Sanchez

The NBA plans on allowing teams to open their practice facilities on a limited basis on May 8, but some players reportedly don’t want them to re-open.

On SportsCenter, Brian Windhorst reported that some teams weren’t planning on taking advantage of getting players back together.

“Two teams that I talked to this morning that are in states where the stay-at-home orders have been lifted are not intending to open their facilities by Friday,” Windhorst said. “A third team that I talked to canvassed its players on a Zoom call last week, and the majority did not want the facility to re-open.”

The NBA recently laid out some restrictions, should teams return to their facilities.

Head coaches and assistant coaches aren’t allowed to be involved and no more than four players can train at the facility at a time.

It was recently reported that Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid were allowed to use the team practice facility for some rehab.

Mark Cuban also wrote in an email to the Dallas Morning News that he wasn’t in a rush to have players training together again.

“We listen to health experts, not politicians,” Cuban said. “When the NBA provides us with confirmation that it’s safe for our guys to move forward, we will move forward.”