Kobe Bryant
Photo: Keith Allison/via Wikimedia Commons

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young, like all basketball world, is watching ‘The Last Dance’, a documentary about Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls dynasty. The 21-year-old point guard did not get the chance to watch the Bulls legend play live as he was born after Chicago won their last championship.

Therefore, his basketball idol and inspiration was another player that he could watch playing during his life. “Kobe [Bryant] was my MJ,” Young tweeted during the episode of ‘The Last Dance’ which featured Bryant. The Lakers legend ‘took the torch’ from Jordan after he retired following the 1997-98 NBA season. Kobe went on to win five championships and entered the GOAT debate.

Bryant’s game was the closest to Jordan’s. He had many moves that looked exactly like the ones the Bulls legend used in his game.