LeBron James
Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

In the wake of recent reports that NBA executives and agents are asking the league to cancel the season, LeBron James tweeted his response. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar denied such reports, saying it’s ‘absolutely not true’. According to the three-time NBA champion, nobody he knows is saying that. He also added the season should not be canceled and instead should be continued as soon as it is safe.

“Saw some reports about execs and agents wanting to cancel season??? That’s absolutely not true. Nobody I know saying anything like that. As soon as it’s safe we would like to finish our season. I’m ready and our team is ready. Nobody should be canceling anything.”

LeBron James

Kendrick Perkins, James’ friend and former teammate, reacted soon to the tweet:

Lakers forward Jared Dudley also expressed support: