LeBron James, Michael Jordan
Photo: espnplayer.com

The comparison between Michael Jordan and LeBron James never ends. It is being approached from all kinds of different angles. This time, the First Take crew of Stephen A. Smith, Jay Williams and Max Kellerman debated on how the Los Angeles Lakers superstar would do if he played during the Jordan era.

While the consensus was that James would still be a superstar, it was also agreed that Jordan would have the upper hand in terms of winning titles.

“LeBron would have been an animal. But I tell you this: during the Bulls double three-peats LeBron gets no chips. I don’t what team he’s on and who he’s with, Jordan beats him every single time, a hundred times out of a hundred if Jordan’s crewed up,” Kellerman said. “When Jordan was in basketball shape with a crew, he never lost. He never went to seven games in the Finals. So LeBron loses every single season Jordan’s in his prime with a crew,” he added.