LeBron James

Former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins was a guest on Runnin’ Plays: A Golden State Warriors Podcast hosted by Kerith Burke and Logan Murdock. One of the topics discussed was his experience playing with LeBron James. According to Perkins, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar was ‘the chosen one’ because he was fortunate in everything he did.

He gave an example of how James earned a substantial amount of money by investing in the Beats. “When Dr. Dre got that big contract for the Beats by Dre, when they wrote him that check LeBron James got $700 million. He was a silent investor in the Beats and nobody knows that!” Perkins revealed. “Even when we were gambling with playing cards, he would always win. He really is the chosen one.”

Listen to the full episode of Runnin’ Plays: A Golden State Warriors Podcast with Kendrick Perkins: