Sergio Rodriguez Armani Milano
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

In his recent interview with Solobasket, Sergio Rodriguez talked about his contract with Armani Milan, his coach Ettore Messina as well as the rest of the Euroleague season.

According to Rodriguez, coach Messina has “a global vision of everything”.

“Messina has been in recent years in the NBA, CSKA … has a more global vision of everything. He has improved as a great talent he is. As you add experiences, it improves. I am proud to be able to work with him daily, learn from his wisdom and be able to share good times. Because this year there have been very good moments both on and off the field. A coach who perfectly understands the player and with whom we all feel very comfortable working.”

He also mentioned that he is not planning his return to Spain for a Spanish club.

“I am not considering anything other than staying in Milan. I have two years left on my contract, I think the team and the club and the city have tremendous potential. I’m very happy. I don’t think about anything else.”