Bozidar Maljkovic commented on the current situation in the European basketball, claiming that only the rich teams are welcomed to play the game in the “bigger stage” nowadays.

“I feel sorry but all the fault lies with FIBA,” Maljkovic said in an interview with Radio Marca. “They were asleep for 20 years and now have paid the price with what has happened with the Euroleague. They deserve all these bad times, but it’s not good for basketball. Well, now it seems that only the rich can play basketball.”

The former 4-time EuroLeague champion has also commented on teams from former Yugoslavia not having a guaranteed spot in the EuroLeague.

“I spoke with Jordi Bertomeu and asked him how it’s possible that there are no EuroLeague teams between Milan and Athens. “You have to respect history and tradition. Many of the stars of world basketball come out of the Balkan area.”