Michael Jordan
Photo: nextshark.com

Despite being one of the most dominant and successful players of all time, Michael Jordan was not thinking about being a star, according to former teammate, B.J. Armstrong. The former Chicago Bulls point guard talked with Mackenzie Salmon of USA Today about Jordan ahead of his documentary’s “The Las Dance” premiere.

“He wasn’t ever concerned about being a star. Like, Air Jordan was a character to him. At least he did a great job at convincing me that. He knew who Air Jordan was and Air Jordan did all of the things. And then there was Michael a teammate and he was comfortable in knowing who he was and how to manage all of those other personalities and characters that he needed to be.

“The X factor for him was his performance. ‘I’m not gonna talk about money or this I’m just gonna perform.’ And I think performance for him was the only thing that mattered. That’s what I hope you can see from this is that it really meant a lot to him and I love him for that because he always kept that first and foremost in his life.”

B.J. Armstrong

Armstrong played alongside Jordan through 1989-1995, winning three NBA championships (1991-1993) during that time.

“The Last Dance” premiers the coming Sunday (April 19) on ESPN and Netflix (outside U.S.).