Via adidas

Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell became adidas’ newest star when the D.O.N Issue #1 released around the middle of 2019, and he’s now poised to see his second signature sneaker drop this summer.

The D.O.N Issue #2 is currently available in NBA 2K20’s MyCareer mode and can be had for 9,000 VC. The sportswear giants announced as much on twitter this weekend, giving fans a first look at the shoes with a screenshot from the popular basketball video game.

Mitchell, though, gave fans a proper view of the real deal.

The D.O.N Issue #1 came out in several exciting colorways but the above is the only one on display so far. The sneaker’s exact release date is still unknown but, judging from the timing of the first Issue’s debut, we can guess that it will drop around July 1.